AR-15 B.A.D. Levers & Bolt Catches

AR-15 B.A.D. Levers & Bolt Catches available in a variety of colors


B.A.D. AR-15 bolt release assemblies quickly and easily attach to your existing bolt catch for the advantage of faster, more efficient reloads and malfunctioning round clearance. They're designed to attach to the right side of the rifle and allow manipulation of the bolt stop from the ready position without having to move the hand.


We're proud to be an authorized vendor of these aftermarket AR-15 bolt catches and offer them in a variety of different colors featuring Cerakote finishes. This finish gives each B.A.D. lever added protection against corrosion, wear and tear, chemicals, flexibility, high temperature, UV rays, and much more. Each paddle is machined from durable 6061 T6 billet aluminum to military specifications. Make reloads and chamber clearing faster and more efficient when you shop with NDZ Performance!


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