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Sig Sauer P227 Accessories & Upgrades at NDZ

Please Note: Sig Sauer currently makes two separate magazines for the P227 in .45 ACP. This listing with "ACP" in the titles are for magazines stamped with ".45 ACP". If your magazine is stamped with ".45" ONLY, select the listing without the word "ACP" in the title.

This is also reflected in the Product Code, where they specify the word "ACP". If you have any questions, feel free to contact us either through phone or the website.

Our aftermarket tactical Sig P227 magazine base plates are a great way to add weight to your magazine for faster reload times. Quicker ejection due to added weight will help both on and off the range! Don't forget that we offer over 1200 unique images to laser engrave onto your P227 magazine base plates.


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