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Smith & Wesson Parts & Upgrades for the M&P 2.0, Shield EZ, CSX, Equalizer, and more


Upgrade your Smith & Wesson pistol today with NDZ Performance aftermarket parts and accessories! We offer a great line up of upgrades and parts that will enhance the ergonomics and aesthetics of your Smith & Wesson pistol. Check out our selection of NDZ Performance products for a wide range of S&W models including the M&P 2.0, Shield EZ, CSX, Equalizer, and more.

We also offer a great selection of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) magazines. Our prices are industry low and are guaranteed to please. Our NDZ Performance brand line parts for Smith And Wesson pistol platforms are proudly made right here in Connecticut. American made, American tested, American trusted.


(*LZ) means that this product is capable of being laser engraved for personalization.