Smith & Wesson SD9 SD40 VE Parts and Accessories


Smith & Wesson SD9 & SD40 VE

Smith & Wesson SD9 & SD40 VE Upgrades, Parts, & Accessories



Upgrade, replace and accessorize your Smith & Wesson SD9, SD9 2.0,  SD9 VE, SD40, and SD40 VE pistol with our huge selection of drop-in upgrades and custom aftermarket accessories. We specialize in developing our own aftermarket Smith And Wesson parts that are lightweight, durable and cost-effective. Our offerings include our NDZ Performance USA-manufactured magazine base plates, slide back plates, extended slide lock levers for tear down ease Guide Rods, Recoil Springs and more!


All NDZ name brand components are made in-house and conform to the OEM parts tolerances for excellent fit, durability and performance. We also utilize anodized & Cerakote finishes for extra protection against corrosion and wear, adding to the longevity of your pistols components. Upgrade and customize your Smith and Wesson today with NDZ Performance!


(*LZ) means that this product is capable of being laser engraved for personalization.