5.11 Tactical Blue UV UltraViolet Penlight Flashlight (*LZ)

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Manufacturer: 5.11 Tactical

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5.11 Tactical Blue UV UltraViolet Penlight Flashlight


The TMT PL UV 53212 Blue Tactical LED Penlight offers quick and easy luminescence in the palm of your hand. Sturdy construction and lightweight materials make this handy penlight easy to carry. Projecting 24 lumens of light in a 4 foot cone, the TMT PL UV 53212 Blue Tactical LED Penlight is ideal for verifying the authenticity of drivers' image licenses and IDs, identifying body fluids, or finding scorpions in dark corners. A single AAA battery provides over 7 hours of runtime. The 5.11 Tactical TMT Pluv Flashlight includes an integrated pocket clip for convenient and secure carry.

5.11 Tactical flashlights have set the benchmark for tactical flashlights around the world. Used by patrol officers from coast to coast, 5.11 flashlights and flashlight accessories are crafted with durability, utility, and performance in mind. From the energy-saving line of LED flashlights to the superior life and power of our rechargeable flashlights, 5.11 Tactical flashlights have the performance, luminescence, and resilience to excel in any environment.


Below are some use example cases of UV flashlights:
  • Forensics verification.
  • Counterfeit bill detection - strip in bills
  • Secure, Important document detection, licenses.
  • Credit cards 
  • Charging a watch lume, verify brightness.
  • Mineral & gemstone observation.
  • Checking for urine stains (e.g. pets) or other body fluids.
  • Searching for insects and reptiles.
Interesting other observations - Chlorophyll makes plants green, but it also fluoresces a blood red color. Some species of scorpion glow when exposed to ultraviolet light. Minerals that glow, fluorescent rocks include fluorite, calcite, gypsum, agate, ruby, talc, opal, amber and quartz. Bank notes, $20. and especially high-value bills, most often glow under UV light.


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Product Features +

Manufacturer: 5.11 Tactical
Manufacturer Sku: 53212
Brand: 5.11 Tactical
Type: Flashlight
Model: UV UltraViolet Penlight
Country/Region Of Manufacture: Made In China
Upc: 84482361361
NDZ Custom Kit: No
Material: Aluminum
Material Coating: Anodized
Color: Blue
Features 1: LED UV
Features 2: Work Light
Features 3: Batteries Included
Features 4: FL 5.11TMT 53212 UV Blue