Glock Rear Slide Cover Plate Upgrades For Gen 5


We strive to provide high quality and durable better-than-stock upgrades for the Glock platform. Whether you're looking to upgrade you Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 26 (or more!) NDZ has the parts you need to complete the job! Our aftermarket Glock backplate comes in multiple colors and designs. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized (or custom Cerakoted depending on your selection) our Glock rear slide plates will hold up to your internal firing mechanisms hammering against them round after round after round.

Personalize your build with a NDZ Performance brand rear slide cover plate for your Glock today and enjoy a better-than-the-competitor price, quality and customer service experience. We also offer NDZ cash rewards on each purchase you make.  Customize your build with quality parts from NDZ Performance today!


(*LZ) means that this product is capable of being laser engraved for personalization.

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