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ISMI Competition Spring Kit for Glock GEN 1-4

Product Code: ISMI-SK-COMP-1
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Manufacturer: ISMI

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ISMI Premium Chrome Silicon Competition / Target Trigger Spring Kit

For Gen 1-4 Glock Models:

17, 17L, 19, 20, 20sf, 21, 21sf, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 29, 29sf, 30, 30sf, 30s, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41

Included in the Premium kit are 3 Drop In springs

4lb Reduced Power Chrome Silicon Striker Spring

Reduced Power Chrome Silicon Safety Block Plunger Spring

6lb Extra Power Chrome Silicon Trigger Spring (Extra power reduces the pull weight)

Please Note: Fitment for the Striker Spring can vary in Generation 4 Glock Models

Warning: This kit is for competition use only - not for duty use.

ISMI Have manufactured Recoil Springs for Glocks for years now. Now there awesome spring technology is available for your trigger and striker internal springs.

ISMI Premium Springs are Chrome Silicon which is more superior then traditional music wire springs. These springs have 10x the life of music wire springs, and they hold much better tolerances during compression and cycling. This makes sure the spring function in your firearms is as consistent as possible.

This is a great drop in trigger kit is designed to help you fine tune your trigger pull and improves function in competition pistols.

With the correct combination of trigger connector and springs a user can decrease a trigger pull to as low as 2.5 to 3.0 lbs on average

ISMI Premium Springs Proudly MADE in the USA

ISMI Premium Springs are manufactured exclusively with certified aerospace specification alloys; stainless or chrome silicon. Then their springs are heat treated, shot peened and stress relieved after winding to enhance performance and durability. Chrome silicon springs have 10x the life of traditional music wire springs, and they hold much better tolerances during compression and cycling.

These springs utilize the same design and manufacturing technology as used in IndyCar and Formula One racing. In a typical 500 mile race, a valve spring in an IndyCar will go through more than 2,500,000 compression cycles. Consideration of factors such as modulus, wire diameter, mean diameter, active coils, total deflection, spring relaxation, maximum service temperature, and operating environment, results in you having modern spring technology available for your pistol.

4 Reviews
  • Conrad

    Feb 4th 2022
    5 Feb 4th 2022
    I put these in all of my guns

    With the four pound spring it breaks small rifle primers no problem with a three pound spring and a Zev striker it breaks small rifle primers but with a 2lb spring and Glock 40 striker it will not but does break small pistol primers. I put this in a gen4 with a stock dot connector it put the pull at just under 4lbs I put in a 17 ghost rocket conector not the drop in it’s just under 2.5lbd pull. I put a 2lb spring by its self in my 24 with stock minus connector the pull is just under 2.25lbs. I used a Lyman digital pull scale

  • Anthony Carnathan

    Aug 30th 2020
    5 Aug 30th 2020
    5 stars


  • Doug Garrett

    Jun 3rd 2020
    5 Jun 3rd 2020
    ISMI Competition Spring Kit for Glock Gen 1-4

    I was impressed with the speed of shipping on this spring kit. It was complete, and I was able to swap out the OEM parts with the competition parts easily. I will shop with NDZ again.

  • George

    May 28th 2020
    5 May 28th 2020
    5 stars


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