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HKS 6 Round .32 H&R Magnum Revolver Speed Loader 32-J Model for Ruger SP 101 and Taurus 73, 74, 741

Product Code: HKS-SL-32-J
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Manufacturer: HKS

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About this product+

HKS Speedloaders load revolvers instantly super fast, super dependable! Securely holds rounds until released with a turn of the knob. Proven by decades of use in law enforcement.
HKS Revolver Features
- Loads 6 rounds into revolver instantly
- No cartridge jiggle
- Popular twist knob
- Caliber: .32 H&R Mag
HKS 32-J Revolver Speedloader Fits The Following
- Ruger SP11
- Taurus 730, 74, 741
- Model Number: 32-J
- UPC: 886523211
Some revolvers have grips that may interfere with speed loaders. These grips must be altered or replaced so the speedloader does not touch the grip when the rounds are released.

Product Features+

Manufacturer: HKS
Manufacturer SKU: 32-J
Brand: HKS
Type: Speed Loader
Model: 32-J
Upc: 886523211
Laserable: No
Material: Plastic, Metal
Color: Black
Gun Make: Ruger SP11, Taurus 730, 74, 741
Caliber: .32 Mag
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