Glock 43 Extended Mags & Glock 43 Magazine Extensions

Q: What is a Glock Magazine Extension?


A: Glock magazine extension, or Glock Magazine extension, is an upgrade part that allows for extra rounds to be stored in standard capacity magazines.


NDZ Performance is a proud manufacturer of custom Glock 43 magazine base plate extensions. Our +2 extended aluminum base plates add durability, greater surface area for increased dexterity, added magazine weight for magazine ejection, and increased space for more bullets. Our Glock 43 mag extensions replace the plastic original equipment manufacturer (OEM) plates for a stronger T-6061 aircraft grade aluminum plate.

The main feature of these plates is the capacity extension, allowing you to have 2 extra bullets loaded into your magazine. These are also useful for those with larger hands due to the added length of the magazine plate, enabling superior grip and handling without the bulk of adding grips to the frame.

Available in multiple colors laser engraved designs to make identifying your magazines easy, you can match with any of our other products such as our Glock 43 rear plates or Glock 43 magazine releases. These plates will not work with our Glock 43 grip plug installed. View our collection below!

(*LZ) means that this product is capable of being laser engraved for personalization. To learn more about this process, please click

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