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Q: What is a Glock grip plug?


A Glock grip plug is a machined or molded part that is inserted into the Glock pistol frame to keep dirt and debris out, allowing for added protection to the internal mechanisms within the pistols chassis or frame. A Glock 43 grip plug is a great way to both keep your firearm clean and add personalization. Our custom machined aluminum Glock 43 frame plugs also add extra weight in your grip to help balance the firearm for faster follow up shots. Adding weighted parts to your build helps with muzzle flip and recoil.


Competition shooters are known for adding weight to their builds to help operate the firearm faster during competition shooting matches. This is especially true for polymer-framed Glocks. Our solid aluminum Glock 43 grip frame plugs are also customizable and will add a custom flair to your Glock 43. Its a simple drop-in installation piece that will add peace of mind as well as give your Glock 43 a custom look. We machine all of our Glock 43 grip plugs right here in CT, USA. View our collection of custom Glock 43 grip frame plugs below. Reach out if you have any questions!


(*LZ) means that this product is capable of being laser engraved for personalization. To learn more about this process, please click HERE


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