Glock Extended Slide Releases - Custom Glock Parts


The slide release allows the user to release the slide during operation or malfunction. The slide release is also used to rack the slide. Upgrade your Glock Gen 5 slide release with an extended slide release to increase control and usability. NDZ Performance has a great selection of Glock extended slide release brands for your Glock Gen 5 pistol. Upgrading to an extended slide release will afford you the peace of mind during stressful scenarios and help you to respond quickly to threats when it matters most. This is also a great upgrade for competition matches.


NDZ also carries a wide selection of Glock OEM parts to help you restore or upgrade your factory Glock. Looking for custom Cerakote finished Glock Gen 5 parts? We carry a wide selection of Cerakote colors for both Glock OEM and other aftermarket brands. Cerakote finishes not only give your Gen 5 Glock a custom feel, they also protect important components against wear, rust, and corrosion. View our great selection of custom Cerakote aftermarket Glock Gen 5 ambidextrous extended slide stop releases below.


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