Glock Gen 5 Custom Grip Frame Plugs

Glock Gen 5 Custom Grip Frame Plugs in various colors for all models


NDZ Glock Gen 5 custom grip frame plugs are manufactured from T6 6061 aluminum right here in the United States and color anodized for durability. This makes them stronger and more reliable than the OEM polymer grip plugs, and with a variety of colors and laserable options to choose from are much more customizable than the stock part as well. Many of our NDZ Performance brand Glock Gen 5 grip frame plugs can be laser engraved with pre-made graphics to help give your pistol a unique, personalized look. Keep debris out of your Glock's plug cavity, trigger housing, and firing assembly with our customized Gen 5 Glock slug plugs today!


(*LZ) means that this product is capable of being laser engraved for personalization.

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