Glock OEM Trigger Bar and Shoe for G44 44 .22LR

Product Code: GLK-SP39453

Manufacturer: Glock

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About this product+

The trigger bar engages the rear portion of the firing pin and prevents the firing pin from moving forward. As the trigger is pulled rearward the trigger bar lowers down the safety ramp and allows the release of the firing pin. After firing, the trigger bar moves upward and re-engages the firing pin. As for the trigger shoe, its purpose is to give the shooter the feeling of a lighter trigger pull by spreading out the area of the shooter's finger that is in contact with the trigger. They are a less expensive option than a wider "target" trigger, which was not always an available option for many firearms.

Note: NDZ always recommends any part be installed by a qualified and trained gunsmith. NDZ promotes the use of safety practices and gear when working on any firearm.

Product Features+

Manufacturer: Glock OEM
Manufacturer SKU: GLSP39453
Brand: Glock OEM
Type: Trigger Bar & Shoe
Country/Region Of Manufacture: Made in the USA.
NDZ Custom Kit: No
Color: Black
For Gun Make: Glock
For Gun Model: 44
Caliber: .22LR