ISMI Sig Sauer P365 12 Round Magazine Spring Plus 5%

Product Code: ISMI-MS-P365-12RD

Manufacturer: ISMI

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ISMI 12 Round Plus 5% Magazine Spring for Sig Sauer P365

This is a plus 5% 12 round ISMI magazine spring for the Sig Sauer P365.
These are made of Chrome Silicon which is the same material that makes up our recoil springs. The benefit of chrome silicon is that it has a higher yield point of material than OEM springs (music wire). This means that when fully compressed, it is under less stress which allows the material to last longer than any OEM (music wire) equivalent. The result is a spring that doesn't take as much initial setup as an OEM spring which exerts more load for the entire lifespan of the spring.

These springs utilize the same design and manufacturing technology as used in IndyCar and Formula One racing. In a typical 5 mile race, a valve spring in an IndyCar will go through more than 20,5, compression cycles. Consideration of factors such as modulus, wire diameter, mean diameter, active coils, total deflection, spring relaxation, maximum service temperature, and operating environment; results in you having modern spring technology available for your pistol.

NDZ Performance is ISMI's exclusive vendor for P365 Magazine Springs!

Product Features+

Manufacturer: ISMI
Brand: ISMI
Type: Magazine Spring
Model: Plus 5% 12 Round Magazine Spring
Country/Region Of Manufacture: Made In USA
UPC: Does Not Apply
NDZ Custom Kit: No
Material: Chrome Silicon
Texture: Smooth
For Gun Make: Sig Sauer
For Gun Model: P365
Caliber: 9MM .40 Caliber