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NDZ Short and Long Tear Down Tool Kit for Kimber 3"

Product Code: KIM-TOOL-COMBO

Manufacturer: NDZ Performance

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NDZ Performance, (1 listing, 2 tools as listed) Delrin slide lock tool (LONG), tear down tool and our SHORT tool as well, you get both!! Long tool allows you to lock your slide rearward, SNAP this in place like shown for super easy (no pressure) slide lock lever removal. Made of Delrin, so no scuffing or wearing your expensive firearm finish. A must have item for any Kimber owner. See tool diff's below for tool uses.. "These fit only the 3" Ultra II Kimbers"

You get both tools as listed!

allows for easy slide lock slide lever removal, lines up the half moon on the slide. Eliminates the stock allen key shaped tool

will not scuff or damage finish like stock steel tool

easily snaps in place, also no need to center it like stock allen key type tool

can help reduce blood pressure, by making teardown simpler !!

(Tool differences) - Currently we offer 2 tools for the Kimber 3" bushingless barrel pistols. A short tool that has a step and a longer 1" tool. Basically the short tool directly replaces your factory tool and will allow you to break down the recoil spring easier, and the long tool allows you to remove the slide stop lever with ease. To us they both have a place with the Kimber Ultra II series, the reason we are producing both tools. The long tool allows for an easy breakdown, however the spring is under more pressure if your looking to clean the recoil springs.

Made specifically for Kimber Ultra Carry II, Ultra Raptor II, Ultra Aegis II , Ultra II, Ultra Crimson Carry II, Eclipse Ultra II, SIS Ultra, Ultra Covert II, Tactical Ultra II, Ultra CDP II, Pro Carry Officers style pistols that have the through hole for the stock "L" shaped tool bushingless bull barrel. May work on other mfg's that utilize a captive spring.

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