NDZ Channel Liner Installation and Removal Tool V3 for Glock Gen 1-5 Models in Stainless Steel

Product Code: NDZ-CLT-V3-SST

Manufacturer: NDZ Performance

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NDZ Channel Liner Installation and Removal Tool V3 for Glock Gen 1-5 Models in Stainless Steel

The NDZ Performance Channel Liner Tool will work with all gen 1-5 Glock models and is a must-have tool for any Glock armorer or firearms enthusiast. The function of the channel liner is to reduce wear on the firing pin spring and spring cups and when the time comes to replace it whether from wear, damage, or when the slide is refinished, this tool will allow you to perform the task quickly and easily. Manufactured in our in-house facility here in the USA this device is calibrated so the channel liner is installed perfectly each time and will not damage the slide. Pick up an NDZ channel liner tool today and see how much easier it makes removing and installing your glock's channel liner.

  • Easily removes & installs channel liner in Glock slides
  • Will not damage the slide
  • Made in the USA


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Remove Channel Liner:
To remove simply screw-threaded end into the liner, place an OEM armorer's tool or similar tool through the hole in the liner tool and simply pull the liner out.

Install Channel Liner: To install, place the new liner on the unthreaded end of the tool (unbeveled end of liner goes on the tool first), then simply push the new liner into slide channel until it seats at the breech end of the channel.

Note: NDZ always recommends any part be installed by a qualified and trained gunsmith. NDZ promotes the use of safety practices and gear when working on any firearm.

Product Features+

Manufacturer: NDZ Performance
Model: Channel Liner Tool
Country/Region Of Manufacture: Made In USA
Material: Aluminum
Color: Stainless Steel
For Gun Make: Glock
For Gun Generation: Gen 1-5
Does Not Fit: 42, 43, 43X, 44, & 48