NDZ Magazine Plate Finger Grip Extension For Smith & Wesson CSX 12 Round Magazine (*LZ)

Product Code: SW-CSX-MPF12-V

Manufacturer: NDZ Performance

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NDZ Magazine Plate Finger Grip Extension For Smith & Wesson CSX 12 Round Magazine

NEW from NDZ! A magazine base plate with finger extension for the Smith & Wesson CSX 12 round magazine. Upgrade your CSX's stock plastic magazine plate with a high quality anodized aluminum replacement that features an additional finger extension for improved grip while firing. Here are some added benefits:


  • Adds ample room for your pinky for improved grip and better leverage control. Equates to better, quicker, more accurate follow-up shot placement. Makes certain small pistols easier more fun to shoot.
  • Aluminum finger extensions offer a durable, logical choice that will not crack or break under stress or pressure, making it a reliable favorite for the range or extended use.
  • Added weight can provide a better balance and stability to the pistol, reducing felt muzzle rise and recoil. This can help to improve accuracy and control for the shooter.
  • Facilitates easier mag pulls by adding more real estate for more reliable grip.
  • Shooters prefer the look, feel and customization options of a metal grip extension over a plastic one, as it can give the pistol a more premium and or customized appearance.
  • All NDZ Performance parts include a lifetime warranty against manufactured defects.
  • Proudly made in the USA.


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INSTALLATION WARNING: Magazine Floor Base Plates & Extension Devices are secured by Spring Tension & can cause serious injury if improperly handled. NDZ Performance recommends the use of Safety Glasses when removing or installing this product.

Note: NDZ always recommends any part be installed by a qualified and trained gunsmith. NDZ promotes the use of safety practices and gear when working on any firearm.


Disclaimer: "Smith & Wesson", "S&W" and "M&P" are registered trademarks of Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation. NDZ Performance has NO affiliation in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by, Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation. The use of the word "Smith & Wesson, S&W or M&P" on this page are merely to identify which firearm these parts or components are compatible with.

Product Features +

Manufacturer: NDZ Performance
Manufacturer Sku: SW-CSX-MPF12-V
Type: Magazine Plate
Model: Finger Extension
Country/Region Of Manufacture: Made In USA
Material: Anodized Aluminum
For Gun Make: Smith & Wesson
For Gun Model: CSX - 12 Round Magazine
Caliber: 9MM

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