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NDZ Performance Sponsorship Opportunities

Do you shoot competitively? Do words like limited-open, IDPA and three-gun make your ears say, "Go on, keep whispering sweet sweet nothings to me?"

Then we here at NDZ Performance want to talk to you!



NDZ Performance is seeking competition and firearms enthusiasts of all backgrounds and skill levels. From the Three Gun champions to the weekend IDPA and social media firearms enthusiasts, we want to connect with you. We here at NDZ want to help shape our culture in the United States for the better when it comes to firearms.


From hunting to self-defense, from a strong military presence in the world to a thriving sport at our hometown range; firearms and shooting sports have been (and continue to be) a great way to bring people together and foster deep relationships within our communities.


Our goal is to seek out professional, responsible, and enthusiastic NDZ Performance brand representatives and provide them with great discounts and other excellent incentives like match fee coverages, free products and more! If you think you have what it takes and would like to start receiving great discounts as an NDZ brand rep or sponsored shooter, fill out the form below! After filling out the form, you will be placed into our review list and if we feel you would be a good fit, we will reach out to you.


Thank you for your support!


-The NDZ Performance Team


Pro / Field Staff Requirements - Benefits - Agreements


Pro / Field Staff Requirements

  1. Maintain a professional standard while promoting or wearing our Brand/Website/Social Media/etc at the range and off the range.
  2. Must have social media outlet Facebook, Instagram, blog, etc. or a personal website. Must Follow and share NDZ Performance posts on NDZ Performance Facebook and Instagram. Must have a link or tag on your profiles to our website as your posts allow / campaigns permit.
  3. Provide quality content at a consistent rate including but not limited to photos, videos, blog entries, social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) forum activity, etc.; all content provided to / created in relation to / NDZ Performance can be used with out limit and for commerce purposes by NDZ Performance.
  4. Instagram: Must tag @ NDZPerformance in campaign relevant posts and use hashtags (#NDZPerformance and #NDZ). Facebook: Must tag NDZ Performance Facebook Page in campaign relevant photos, videos, blogs, etc. Posting and tagging terms are contingent on review of individual applicants accounts and social feeds.


Pro / Field Staff Benefits

  1. Personal Account (associated with your provided email) on www.NDZPerformance.com allowing for individual member Percentage OFF Store Wide discount on nearly every product we offer (does not combine with coupons or sale/closeout items, other exclusions may apply). This percent will be determined at time of applicant acceptance into Pro / Field staff program. This will be a Tiered Pricing System and you may move up or down depending on your performance.
  2. Website and in store purchases earn 1.5% back towards your next purchase in the form of award points on our website. See more about our rewards program here: NDZ Rewards Program
  3. Industry and NDZ company exclusive updates. You will be placed on an early mailing list and emailed about information regarding new and upcoming products (campaign specific).
  4. You will have special access to our deeply discounted product stock that is generated from returns / blems.
  5. Pro Staff will receive shout outs on NDZ social media feeds, blogs, email campaigns etc (as campaigns permit).


Pro / Field Staff Agreements

  1. With Agreement to all statements above, we encourage enthusiasm and pride when promoting and reviewing the NDZ Performance brand / NDZ Performance product lines. NDZ Performance holds our Pro / Field Staff members to a high standard. Offensive language and provocative content as well as failure to comply with requirements are strictly prohibited and can be a cause for warning or immediate termination of NDZ Performance benefits.
  2. NDZ Performance will decide if you qualify for Pro or Field Staff sponsorship. Placement will be determined through multiple criteria including (but not limited to): experience, abilities, social media following, affiliations, awards, activity in the community, company standing, etc. You will be able to move up in tiers, resulting in deeper discounts, (and can be moved down during yearly evaluations) as it relates to progression and the displaying of abilities in the aforementioned areas of evaluation.
  3. Our in-house staff will periodically monitor Pro / Field staff accounts to ensure quality guidelines and outlined agreements are kept and maintained.
  4. The Pro / Field Staff Program Starts January 1 st of each year and ends on the 31st of December. You account will be re-evaluated for the next year of sponsorship at the beginning of each calendar year.


Pro / Field Staff High School And College Team Sponsorship

  1. If you are enrolled in High School or College and compete on a competitive school team please read the following.
  2. It is Possible to work with School Shooting Teams. Please contact us directly for Team based sponsorship from NDZ Performance. See number below for contact information. Anything further regarding this will be done through us directly.




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