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Sig P365 Rear Plates

Sig P365 Accessories Custom Slide Back Plates

UPDATE: Our aftermarket P365 Rear Plates fit the new P365 XL & P365 SAS!


After-market Sig Sauer P365, P365 XL and P365 SAS parts and upgrades are here! Check out these custom rear slide cover plates for the Sig Sauer P365, P365 XL and P365 SAS. These plates are designed for the P365, P365 XL and P365 SAS 9mm and come in multiple colors. We manufacture our products right here in Connecticut USA from T6 6061 aluminum for proven durability and strength and then finish them off with a weather and corrosion resistant coating using a proprietary anodization process. Match your new Sig P365, P365 XL and P365 SAS slide back plate (rear slide cover plate) with one of our industry-first P365 magazine finger extensions. With one of these magazine base plates, a tactical advantage takes precedence of flare and customization. 1.5% back on all orders on our site!


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