Best Glock 43 Trigger Upgrade - 3.5 lb. Trigger Connectors

Hands down, one of the best Glock 43 trigger upgrades you can perform is replacing your stock Glock 43 trigger connector with an aftermarket Glock 43 3.5 lb. trigger connector. Though you should use caution when performing this upgrade to your every day carry, this is a great upgrade for competitive shooting sports and will bring new joy to your range trips.


A 3.5 pound trigger pull allows for a smoother, lighter trigger pull. A lighter trigger pull allows for quicker trigger reset, quicker trigger reset allows for faster follow up shots. Faster follow up shots... well you get the picture! Upgrading your Glock 43 trigger connector with one of your industry-proven products (below) is an easy upgrade that will give you immediately noticeable differences in your Glock 43's performance. It is 100% worth the money. Pair your aftermarket Glock 42 / 43 3.4 trigger connector with a Glock 43 extended slide lock lever, one of our Glock 43 magazine base plates and a Glock 43 rear slide plate. Make your build a truly custom firearm with one of our Glock 43 custom slides.


(*LZ) means that this product is capable of being laser engraved for personalization. To learn more about this process, please click HERE

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