Ghost 5.0 Tactical Trigger Connector and Competition Spring Kit

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Tactical 5.0lb Trigger Connector & Competition Spring Kit

for Glock GEN 1-4 !!

**This is NOT a drop in connector and does require minor gun fitting for proper use; please refer to a gunsmith or Ghost Inc's website for installation. All information is per Ghost Inc**

Awesome! This Trigger Control Connector is incredible! You asked for it and you got it, the GHOST TACTICAL now has the self-cleaning debris holes. Why is self cleaning so important ecause as you fire your pistol debris builds up on the trigger mechanism surfaces. These debris cause additional friction. This friction increases the weight of the trigger pull thus increasing the force applied to the connector. As the trigger pull weight increases the connector is pushed towards the rear of the trigger housing eventually far enough that the pistol will not fire! The channels also reduce the thickness of the connector body by 33%. This reduction increases reset speed and because these channels are located on the center line of the connector body they do not cause connector torsion. The GHOST TACTICAL is the first ever PATENTED GLOCK TRIGGER CONNECTOR specifically designed for SELF-DEFENSE, TACTICAL & SWAT APPLICATIONS. It works in all GLOCK pistols. This Trigger Control Connector gives you a near 1911 style single action trigger pull, it is the shortest trigger pull possible for Glocks and at a great price. Add a Ghost spring kit and you will get a sub 4.0 lb. trigger pull. For over 17 years I have been teaching people how to shoot their Glocks. The hardest thing for most people to learn was trigger control-not to flinch or jerk the trigger. Why ecause of the nature of the Glock trigger it goes from mushy to hard to over travel. Over travel is the real killer here, because all this happens while the bullet is still in the barrel. Remove over travel and you will remove all of this movement resulting in better groups faster, faster because the trigger does not move after firing and takes less distance to reset. The trigger is the heart of a pistol, a good trigger can mean the difference between wining or losing when your shooting for your life. LOSING IS UNACCEPTABLE, SECOND PLACE IS FIRST LOSER! The GHOST TACTICAL shortens trigger movement, eliminates over travel & gives a faster reset. This enables you to shoot better & faster - ONLY HITS COUNT! Good hits are even better. The better the trigger the better the accuracy and faster you can shoot accurately. Requires minor fitting of the TACTICAL by shortening the Trigger Control Tab-no changes are made to the pistol. Please read the instructions on this website "ROCKET, TACTICAL AND ALL OTHER CONNECTORS INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS" . A Gunsmith or Armorer should install this connector. YOU MAY USE THIS CONNECTOR FOR ALL LAWFUL ACTIVITIES. No Risk 100% Satisfaction guaranteed or your money gladly refunded!


Recommended: A gunsmith or armorer should install this connector.

Ghost Competition Trigger Spring Kit

This is a great drop in trigger kit is designed to help you fine tune and improve your trigger pull, and function in competition pistols.

Included in the kit are 3 Drop in Springs

4lb Reduced Power Striker Spring

Reduced Power Safety Block Plunger Spring

6lb Extra Power Trigger Spring (Extra power reduces the pull weight)

The Ghost Drop in Spring Kits give your Glock a smooth, crisp, lightened Trigger pull that helps promote consistent, match-grade accuracy. You can change specific springs to improve a particular aspect of the trigger pull, or do a complete upgrade.

Accurately calibrated spring weights deliver consistent force through the entire compression and release cycle to give you a light, refined trigger pull without sacrificing the reliability of your pistol s Safe Action system. Trigger Spring has nearly 30% more power than factory spring, which actually reduces pull by as much as 1 lb. for improved control. This produces faster trigger reset for quicker follow up shots. Reduced power Safety Spring reduces friction caused by the firing pin safety, further smoothing the pull. Striker Spring is designed for improved consistency and durability over factory spring.

NDZ Performance has teamed up with Ghost to bring you some of the finest Aftermarket Gun Springs available today. We have several springs kits and individual springs to meet all your needs.

Easily tune your Glock pistol With as low as 2-2.5lbs Trigger pull with the use of any 3.5lb Trigger Connector on the market.

This Kit will work on ALL Gen 1-4 Glock Models: 17 / 19 / 20 / 21 / 22 / 23 / 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 / 29 / 30 / 31 / 32 / 33 / 34 / 36 / 37 / 38 / 39

Warning: This kit is for competition use only - not for duty use.