Ghost Lady 3.5 Trigger Connector and Competition Spring Kit for Glock

Product Code: GHO-LAD-TC-GHO-SK-COMP-1

Manufacturer: Ghost

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Ghost LADY 3.5 High Polished Trigger Connector & Ghost Competition Trigger Spring Kit

Fits Gen 1 2 3 4 Glock

This kit coupled with a 3.5lb Trigger Connector will give you an approximate average trigger pull weight of 3.0 lbs.

Warning: This kit is for competition use only - not for duty use.

This is a highly polished 3.5 angled connector that will feel smoother and lighter than your stock trigger feel. Cleaner break with nicer reset.

This connector falls in between the Ultimate 3.5 and Standard 3.5 as far as feel and function.

The Ghost Inc Lady 3.5Lb trigger connector is humble homage to all branches of the military past and present. It is a tribute to the Nose Art and Pinups that adorned aircraft, vehicles, ships and of course on bodies in form of tattoos.

This is a piece of American Cold Steel that will transform your Austrian pistol into American Lady Luck.

No modification needed. Install instructions available on Ghost Inc s website

New and Improved design gives you an even better trigger pull!

All Ghost Inc connectors come with a Lifetime Warranty!

No modification Required; Drop In Design

Better than the original guaranteed!

Cleaner break with nicer reset

No more mushy feeling Glock triggers.


Ghost 4lb Reduced Power Competition Trigger Spring Kit:

The Reduced Power Spring Kit is ideal for sport or competitive shooting.

Consisting of 3 springs:

1). A 4.0lb reduced power firing pin spring.

2). A 6.0lb trigger spring (on Glock pistols a more powerful trigger spring lessens the over-all trigger pull weight)

3). A reduced power firing pin safety plunger spring.