Ghost Trigger Connector ARMY 3.5lb Complete Spring Kit for Glock GEN 1-5


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Ghost Army Trigger Connector
The Ghost Army 3.5 High Polished Drop-in Trigger Connector fits Model 17 MOS GEN 1-5. This connector would compare to an Ultimate 3.5 with a slightly higher polish as far as feel and function. This 3.5 LB. Trigger Connector pays humble homage to the US ARMY soldiers past and present, to my friends and family, and to those with whom I served along with. It is a piece of American Cold Steel that will transform your Austrian pistol into a loyal straight shooting American Soldier. "This We'll Defend" distinguishes the US Soldier from all others. The United States Amy (USA) is the largest and first branch of the Armed Forces of the United States which performs land- based military operations. The ARMY performs land-based military operations. The modern U.S. Army has its roots in the Continental Army, which was formed to fight the American Revolutionary War (1775-83) before the U.S. was established as a country. Every Soldier is a rifleman, trained first as a disciplined warrior regardless of military occupational specialty. Know your pistol as your rifle, make it your own and defend what's yours and ours! Ghost Life from the home front to the battle front! After the Revolutionary War, the Congress of the Confederation created the United States Army on 3 June 1784, to replace the disbanded Continental Army. The United States Army considers itself descended from the Continental Army, and dates its institutional inception from the origin of that armed force in 1775. DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY! THIS WE'LL DEFEND!

Ghost Complete 4 Piece Trigger Spring Kit:

Consisting of 4 springs:

1). A 4.0lb Reduced Power firing pin spring. (Shorter)

2). A 6.0lb Extra Power firing pin spring. (Longer)

3). A 6.0lb Extra Power trigger spring (on Glock pistols a more powerful trigger spring lessens the over-all trigger pull weight)

4). A Reduced Power firing pin safety plunger spring.

Spring Kit Comparison

The 4.0lb Reduced Power Striker Spring used with the 6.0lb Extra Power Trigger Spring and Reduced Power Plunger Spring is ideal for target, range and competition shooting. This kit should NOT be used for carry pistols or Self Defense purposes.

The average pull when paired with a 3.5lb connector will be approximately 3.0lbs

The 6.0lb Extra Power Striker Spring used with the 6.0lb Extra Power Trigger Spring and Reduced Power Plunger Spring is a great choice those looking to improve, lighten and clean up their trigger pull but still need reliability for carry.

Also an excellent choice in 10mm and 45ACP models as both have a 10% heavier firing pin than the smaller Glocks that can fatigue a reduced power spring faster.

The average pull when paired with a 3.5lb connector will be approximately 4.0lbs

No modification needed. Installation instructions available on Ghost Inc's website. These highly polished connectors have a 3.5lb angle which allows a user to reduce the overall trigger pull weight and smoothness of the trigger resulting in a cleaner break with a nicer reset. If you are looking for precision tuning to the pistol this product is best paired with one of the available upgrade spring kits by Ghost Inc, Wolff Gunsprings or ISMI. Feel free to review our other listings. We recommended a Certified Gunsmith, Glock Armorer or Ghost Inc should be consulted for install of this product. Please read full product description, item specifics and titles before making a purchase. All Ghost Inc products come with a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty! This warranty covers product(s) against manufacturer defects, installation and use of the product(s). For product inquiries and warranty information please contact Ghost direct Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm (EST).

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