Glock 43 Sights And Sight Upgrades

Q: Are upgrading the Glock 43 Sights worth it?


A: Yes. As technology has evolved aftermarket manufactures like Trijicon, Eotech, TruGlo, and more have developed more sight and optic designs to help acquire a target picture quicker, and with more accuracy.


Sight upgrades are one of the most important upgrades you can perform for your Glock 43 and 43x. Glock original equipment manufacturer (OEM) steel night sights are fitted and will work just fine, and as intended, but are not superior to designs like Trijicon's large dot front post, which helps to acquire a faster sight picture during low light & stressful situations. Original factory Glock 43 sights lack functionality and some Glock operators prefer a better advantage when on or off the range.


Glock 43 sight upgrades help to give you that advantage and are an excellent upgrade for your Glock pistol. Increase your Glock sights functionality, like a different sight picture, night sights, or even raised sights for use with a sound suppressor by purchasing one of our excellent options found below. Whatever the reason, there is plenty of great aftermarket Glock 43 sight options to replace the OEM sights. We also carry sights and night sights for Glock Gen 5 17 and more! Don't see the sights or night sights you want? Reach out to us directly and we'll help you find what you need! We sell at industry-low prices and have the connections to give you the best possible discount.



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