Magpul MAG326 .5" Cheek Riser Black for Magpul MOE & CTR Stocks - Snake Skin

Product Code: MAG326-BLK-SNK

Manufacturer: Magpul

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Magpul MAG326 .5" Cheek Riser Black for Magpul MOE & CTR Stocks - Snake Skin

This Magpul .5" cheek riser is designed for use with their MOE and CTR AR-15 stocks. Many rifles can be somewhat difficult to use a scope with. Whether it is the design for the firearm itself or something else? It is important to get a good cheek weld in order to properly use a scope without having to move your head in an awkward position. This, in turn, will also greatly improve your accuracy. A good cheek rest will allow a shooter to rest the weight of their head on it and lets them be much more comfortable. You do not want to strain your neck or be in an awkward position when shooting, and a good cheek rest will ensure that a shooter stays as comfortable as possible.


For use on NON AR15 / M4 Applications as the Riser will interfere with charging handle function. Originally designed for the M14 Carbine stock conversions

Note: NDZ always recommends any part be installed by a qualified and trained gunsmith. NDZ promotes the use of safety practices and gear when working on any firearm.

Product Features+

Manufacturer: MAGPUL
Manufacturer SKU: MAG326-BLK
Type: Cheek Riser - .5"
Country/Region Of Manufacture: Made in the USA.
NDZ Custom Kit: No
Material: Polymer
Color: Black
Gun Category: Rifle
Fits: Magpul MOE & CTR Stocks
Does Not Fit: AR15 / M4 Applications