Glock Connector - Glock Gen 5 Trigger Connectors - Gen 5 Upgrades


Upgrade your Glock Gen 5's trigger connector for quicker performance and increased durability. Upgrading your Glock connector will give you that clean, crisp trigger pull you've been reading about online or hearing about at the firing range. Begin customizing what matters first, your Glock internal parts, starting with the trigger connector. Glock OEM trigger connectors, while adequate in design, don't afford you the performance edge on and off the range. These Glock Gen 5 connectors are what we call drop-in upgrades. This means that there is no gunsmithing involved, just order, install, and go!


This is a relatively economical Glock internal parts upgrade which still affords you noticeable performance increases the moment you fire it. No polishing required! Investing in upgrading your Glock's trigger connector will help you to gain a competitive edge when it counts. Train better with upgraded equipment and you'll be better prepared to protect yourself and others assets. Earn 1.5% back on every dollar you spend on our site.

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