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X-GRIP Walther PPK Mag Plate Magazine Extension

Product Code: XG-PPK

Manufacturer: X-Grip

Quantity in Stock Quantity in Stock: 2

About this product+

The X-GRIP WPPK is an accessory offered by FDI for the WALTHER PPK pistol that enhances the versatility, look, and feel of the gun. Versatility: The Size of a Compact, with Greater Control and Capacity The patented X-GRIP adapts the Model PPKS magazine for use in the PPK s more compact grip, increasing the gun s capacity to 7 rounds. Aesthetics and Ergonomics The X-GRIP has been designed to flow seamlessly into the design of the handgun itself, reinforcing the aesthetics of the classic Walther look. Its unique design is based on the anthropometrics of the hand wrist and results in significantly improved comfort, control and accuracy. Ease of Use, Safety and Compatibility The X-GRIP slips over the magazine and snaps into place over the floorplate. No tools are required. Once installed, the X-GRIP provides a protective cushion around the floorplate. Compatible with factory Walther PPKS 7 round magazines in .38 and .32 cal. Quality The X-GRIP is manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure durability even under extreme environmental conditions, built to exacting standards and tolerances to provide a secure fit and a uniform finish. The X-GRIP Magazine Grip Extenders are high impact polymer spacers that slip over full size and compact magazines. When full sized or compact magazines are used with sub compact frames the X-GRIP Magazine Grip Extenders fills the gap between the bottom of the gun and the base of the magazine. This useful addition is contoured to match the frame for improved trigger and recoil control as well as increases the comfort and accuracy. This thereby gives the shooter the grip and feel of a full size configuration. Easily installed or removed.

Product Features+

Manufacturer: X-Grip
Manufacturer Sku: WPPK
NDZ Performance Sku: XG-PPK
Brand: X-Grip
Category: Pistol
Type: Magazine Floor Base Plate
Model: Magazine Extension (Full Size Mags In Compact Frames)
Country/Region Of Manufacture: Made In USA
Upc: 753182756
Laserable: No
Material: Polymer
Color: Black
Gun Make: Walther
For Gun Model: PPK
Caliber: .38, .32 Cal
Capacity: PPKS 7 Round Magazine
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